Dulce New Mexico Underground Alien Base

What are the most likely Alien Bases, if the reports are to be believed?

Just for fun, useGoogle Maps for Underwater UFO Bases

Or you could just plug these coordinates into any GPS Map 

20 25' 32.21" n, 136 04' 52.15" E

All kidding aside, there is compelling evidence that throughout the history of our planet, we have had aliens visit, and they have set up bases (if not cities).

Dulce, New Mexico

Let’s Talk about Dulce, one of the more popular theories:

Dulce, New Mexico is located right on the Colorado-New Mexico border. It's a tiny town, with a population just under 3,000. It's the tribal headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. It's also the alleged location of asecret underground alien base

Now, get this. Wikipedia states that Dulce is:

“....a jointly-operated human and alien underground facility exists under Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado-New Mexico border near the town of Dulce,New Mexico, in the United States. Claims of alien activity there first arose from Albuquerque businessman Paul Bennewitz.”

Isn’t that interesting? This is a popular, yet out of the way location in the far flung corner of New Mexico and Colorado and, yet, RoadTrippers.com has this listed as one of thetop locations for present day UFO hunters

Site of the alleged 1979 alien-human war

Philip Schneider, an explosives engineer who worked for the U.S. government, with high-level security clearance, claimed that in 1979he participated in the building of a "secret underground base," in Dulce, New Mexico.

But, most of the Dulce lore has come from local sightings and a man from Albuquerque named Paul Bennewitz who visited there in 1979.  He captured on film many ‘things’ that were going on at the Manzano Weapons Storage area at Kirtland Air Force Base, objects coming in and taking off.  These sightings happened at night - but the film shows vehicles moving at rates that were or should be (officially) impossible for normal aircraft to achieve.  They simply break the laws of physics.

The Men in Black aka Mirage Men

Now let’s connect some dots here. When Edward Snowden made his information dump public, there was a special section dedicated to misinformation, including government programs dedicated to infiltrating UFO communities and planting false stories and fake information. 

This serves two purposes:

  1. If you have a public chasing their tales with wild UFO stories, the ridiculousness of them will take away any credibility of REAL research being undertaken.  And once through budget oversight or watchdog groups through FOIA the fact that the government is pushing disinformation adds weight to the entire story that UFO’s and Aliens are hype.

  2. Maybe Bob Lazar is right (we think so) and the government is really working with alien technology.

Either way –the fact remains that the US Government does in fact have UFO research programs and has for 70 years, AND the US Government does have ‘Men in Black’ aka Mirage Men, to convince people that what they saw and possibly experienced was in-factnot what they saw and experienced.

Don’t believe your lying eyes...

Sadly the US Government’s Men In Black non stop psy-op on Paul Bennewitz was insidious.  The Government realized that Mr. Bennewitz – who was a very successful electrical engineer / businessman – had high-tech tools to track, eavesdrop and more. Learning this, they fed him FALSE information, FAKE alien languages and even SOFTWARE that was bogus to throw him off the trail and keep him away from Dulce, and the Weapons Storage Facility.  

Paul was eventually committed to a psychiatric ward.  You can thank the spook, Richard Doty, for destroying Mr. Bennewitz life.

FromThe Guardian

Mirage Men's chief coup is to land an actual man in black: a former Air Force special investigations officer named Richard Doty, who admits to having infiltrated UFO circles.  (planting fake stories, false evidence, and bizarre narratives)

What do the Residents of Dulce think?

“The whole town of Dulce, whoever you want to talk to, they’ll tell you what they’ve seen — a lot of them,” said 78-year-old Geraldine Julian, who claims to have seen multiple UFOs and other strange activity starting in the 1960s.

“It’s not just a fairy tale,” Julian insisted.“All the things are true, and I believe every last one of them, too, because I’ve seen it myself.”

Julian swears she saw “a big spaceship” hovering above her property just outside of town.

“The bottom part was flat … but on top there was a dome,” she said while resting near a blocked-off bridge where the alleged UFO flew over.“There was movement inside.”

The Santa Fe New Mexican: Move Over Roswell, Dulce Is the Home to True UFO Believers

So what do you think?  Everything from secret footage, international press, movies, and the MEN IN BLACK concept all had their origins HERE, in a tiny parcel of earth in Northern New Mexico.  From Albuquerque to Dulce the region is rich with history, sadness and madness.  Is this something you think you could handle? 

When you read and realize that the most powerful governments in the world have used, and still use, their resources to mess with and turn ordinary people, who just want the truth, into a life of madness and totally destroy their lives…it brings a levity to the hunt for the truth about Aliens.

Still down for a road trip?  New Mexico has some tasty Green Chili and Egg Breakfast Burritos! 

For more places to hunt UFO’s check outAtlas Obscura’s 17 Places to Hunt for Aliens:


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