Is Bigfoot Real?

April 06, 2021 4 min read

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Imagine this...

You are deep in the forest all you can hear is a light roar, a whooshing sound.  It sounds like water, almost like the ocean.  What you are hearing is the wind through the trees.  It's silent but loud, and a feeling strikes you, a dreaded knot forms in your stomach.

You keep walking, trying to shake the feeling that you are being watched.

This day hike seems like it's taking weeks.  You know you are a bit out of shape, staying home a year and watching streamed average movies you would never have watched in your normal life have become you.

“No mask for me!”,  you think to yourself as you make your way up the slope of the mountain.  Your calves are burning, but you smile as your post-lock down mission has become to get rid of that belly.  A few more weekends like this and…


You stop.

Something VERY big moved out T H E R E.  You caught a glimpse in the corner of your eye...

Oh Shi…

Your guts ache. 

And a faint voice whispers in your head, “no one is here to help me. No one is going to hear me scream.”

What is Big Foot/Sasquatch?

Well, my Uncle and Grandfather had their own opinions, but Wikipedia states:

Thousands of people have claimed to have seen a Bigfoot which is commonly described as a large, muscular,bipedal ape-like creature, roughly 1.8–2.7 metres (6–9 ft), covered in hair described as black, dark brown, or dark reddish. A pungent, foul smelling odor is sometimes associated with reports of the creatures, commonly described as similar to rotten eggs orskunk.

The face of a Bigfoot is often described ashuman-like, with a flat nose and visible lips. Common descriptions also include broad shoulders, no visible neck, and long arms. The eyes are commonly said to be dark in color and have been alleged to "glow" yellow or red at night. However,eyeshine is not present in humans or any knowngreat ape, and so proposed explanations for observable eyeshine in the forest include perchedowls,racoons, oropossums.

The enormous footprints for which the creature is named are claimed to be as large as 610 millimetres (24 in) long and 200 millimetres (8 in) wide. Some footprint casts have also contained claw marks, making it likely that they came from known animals such as bears, which have five toes and claws.

Wikipedia: Bigfoot

There is also “The Legend of Bigfoot” that chronicles myths and sightings of the creature dating back before recorded history.

Bigfoot Was Investigated by the FBI

In the 1970’s America got hit with a BigFoot Craze, sitcoms and television news would cover the newest sightings the most notable of which was the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin video purported to be BigFoot in Northern California.  

History writes:

Legends of large, ape-like beasts can be found all over the world. Since the 1950s, the United States’ version of this has been “Bigfoot.” And since 1976, the FBI has had a file on him.

That year, Director Peter Byrne of the Bigfoot Information Center and Exhibition in The Dalles, Oregon, sent the FBI “about 15 hairs attached to a tiny piece of skin.” Byrne wrote that his organization couldn’t identify what kind of animal it came from, and was hoping the FBI might analyze it. He also wanted to know if the FBI had analyzed suspected Bigfoot hair before; and if so, what the bureau’s conclusion was.

The Smithsonian suggests our enamoration with the old Sasquatch has something to do with ancient archetypes and mythology... 

Smithsonian Magazine - Why So Many People Still Believe in Bigfoot

Sixty years ago this fall, Bigfoot first stepped into the public consciousness. “Giant footprints puzzle residents,” a headline in the Humboldt Times announced. The small Northern California newspaper reported that a road construction crew had discovered humanlike footprints that were a massive 16 inches long. The paper was the first to give the mysterious animal that made the prints its memorable moniker—“Bigfoot”—and the creature has been stomping through the American imagination ever since.

Today, the legendary beast seems to be everywhere: You will find Bigfoot looking awfully cute this year in two children’s films: The Son of Bigfoot and Smallfoot. Animal Planet recently aired the finale of its popular series “Finding Bigfoot,” which lasted 11 seasons despite never making good on the promise of its title. And the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization lists at least one report from every state, except Hawaii, over the past two decades. The most recent sighting, in June 2018, was by a woman in Florida who reported a creature that looked like “a large pile of soggy grass.” Other evidence in the database includes supposed Bigfoot scat, nests and noises. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, it may not make a sound—but it seems someone will report that a Bigfoot knocked it over.

“Interest in the existence of the creature is at an all-time high,” the paleontologist Darren Naish has observed, even though “there’s nothing even close to compelling as goes the evidence.”

Of course, Bigfoot is not the first fabled hominid to roam North America. Sasquatches long populated the mythologies of American Indian tribes in the Pacific Northwest

So what are the best known sightings?  We went looking for a weighted score matrix of some of the best known examples:

Bigfoot: Roger Patterson

10 Most Convincing Bigfoot Sightings

For what it is worth, the ‘BigFoot’ Hair Researched by the FBI was found to be of Deer origin.  (or so they say…)

So with all of the “evidence” (footprints, video, sightings) out there, and the fact that the Bigfoot phenomena was actually investigated by the FBI…

What do you think? Is Bigfoot real?

Stay Weird my friends!


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