Malibu Underwater UFO Base

What is going on in Malibu? Is there an underwater alien base?

When I started researching the story behind the Malibu Underwater UFO Base, I had the song "Malibu" stuck in my head( Dear Lord, no NOT the Miley Cyrus one, the version Smashing Pumpkins founder Billy Corgan wrote for Courtney Love and the Band HOLE in the late 90’s).  

Music brings back memories, and at the time this song was popular, I was working in San Diego. Just about every Friday at noon, I would drive north to Sacramento for band practice on the weekends…(everyone had a band in the late 90’s)  

I did this over a year, and sometimes, I would take the coastal road. Why Because its AWESOME!  I remember driving through Malibu, playing the song Malibu. 

Odd, I know, but if you think this is goofy read on.

Now when I first heard about the‘Malibu’ Underwater base, it, to me, totally sounded like a bunch of lost beach hippies enjoyed a little bit too much of the ‘knocking on the sky’ looking for answers kool- aide.  I mean Malibu is just south of Vandenberg Air Force Base, and they get a FRONT ROW SEAT to all the cool SpaceX Launches!

Psychedelic Baby Magazine has this to say:

A series of UFO sightings have been reported off the coast of Malibu, California, prompting belief an underwater base inhabited by an otherworldly species exists.

Enigmatic signals have even been picked up and conveyed to tape. The New York Center For Extraterrestrial Research sent some of these recordings to Merrell Fankhauser, who is a serious scholar of UFOs. The legendary singer, songwriter, guitarist, and 2011 Grammy Nominee was so stoked by what he heard that he added the signals to this great single, serving as perhaps the first collaboration between a human and what we deem aliens.

What Do We Think?

UFO bases are not usually so close to highly secure and populated areas, so if that isn’t odd, you will notice that just a tad West of Malibu is Santa Monica, a highly populated area.  

So, I am not so sure about the Malibu UFO base, but this ‘Alien Base’ ISunderwater.

One thing is for sure,if most media is instantly against something, you might want to investigate further!
From ABC7 Malibu:  
MALIBU, Calif. (KABC) -- There's something very strange in the ocean off Point Dume, but is it a sign that space aliens have landed in Malibu?

AETV: Location of Underwater Alien Base
“Just six miles off the coast of Malibu, for decades people have speculated that UFO’s have an underwater base.“

Malibu Times Article Malibu: A Magnet for Space Aliens
“The city attracts talk of an offshore alien base, UFOs, megalithic monuments and a proposed “Alien Woodstock.”

Jimmy Church, host of “Fade to Black” on the Dark Matter Radio Network, released a video featuring nine images of the Malibu alien base, which has circulated widely on the Internet and been the topic of news stories. He and others theorize that the base might be a portal for spaceships to travel underground to other Earth locations. 

In the video, Church claims he and two others first discovered the alien base on Google Earth. “It’s the Holy Grail of UFO researchers and was found May 12,” he said, adding, “[Malibu] has been the hub of UFO activity for the past 40 years. The residents just pull up lawn chairs and watch the lights going in and out of the water all day long.” 

The “Coast to Coast” radio show, hosted by George Noory, interviewed former Malibu resident and UFO writer Robert Stanley on July 22. In reference to the alien base, Stanley said, “An old friend of mine, who’s retired military and lives in Malibu, has known about [the anomaly] for 10 years. He’s a ham radio operator and has been recording signals from that direction from his property for some time now... that shouldn’t be there.” 

Any excuse you can have (if you are in the area) to get to Malibu in my opinion is worth it.  It is a small town, and yes, the locals tend to be a bit snobby...oh and YES, you DO NOT want to mess with the Sheriff.   But...despite all this, you honestly can’t find a cooler place to watch regular rocket launches from Vandenberg AFB. And folks, you can’t beat the sunset!

So, go, put your bare feet in the sand and watch.  Watch as the sky turns to night.  Watch. And as you do, you will feel like many others, that still small hope that keeps whispering in your ear- that you too might see something ‘OUT THERE’


Stay weird, my friends!
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Mike Holm
Mike Holm

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