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April 09, 2021 6 min read

High Tech Oak Bullets and Stealing German Scientists

Must have been thirty years ago, but, I remember it well - it was on a very hot June day, so hot the air whistled.   That, and you could hear the crescendo of nature cicada who, just out of their 17 year sleep, wasted no time singing in the distant cottonwood trees.  

I was in my grandfather's workshop / machine shop watching him load .308 shells with black powder.   As he was measuring out the weight, he showed me the different types of bullets he would then place in the shell.  Then, using a custom press he made, press the bullet into the shell.   

"See these are for practice, Black Powder is cheap", and he pointed to a crate of already finished .308 rounds.  I noticed that the box behind had a red dot painted on the tips with what looked like my grandma’s nail polish.

"What are those for? Why did you paint them with grandma’s nail polish?", I asked.  

"Oh those are for hunting, I use military grain, its not powder see?"  And he poured out a little spoon into my hand, of what looked like green cat litter:  uniform grains of tiny green cylinders.

Then Turning to me sternly said:  "Now Don’t you be telling anyone what I got up in here you see, now Promise ME!", and I nodded yes.

Then, as he turned back to carefully measuring out black powder into each brass cartridge, his voice grew very quiet.

"Them Germans…  Them Germans… you see… they liked to use different types of bullets, they had these nasty wooden bullets, because their scientists realized that if you wound a man, it takes more men and more resources to care for that man.  So they came up with these oak bullets, see German Oak is some of the strongest wood known in the world.  So these Germans… These Germans you see would (and he motions the press down, sealing another copper tip bullet practice round into its brass cartridge) use these Oak Bullets and they would splinter and cause nasty flesh wounds."

"Them Germans had the best Scientists…" (he continued)  "and we stole all of them Nazi doctors and scientists (and he motions the press down, sealing another copper tip bullet practice round into its brass cartridge)  Yep we stole all their smart ones, and no one likes to talk about that since the Nazi’s were so evil."

"Them Nazi’s got us to the Moon."

"Here you want to try?"

I did NOT believe my Grandfather at the time.  It was years later I found out that indeed the US Government did kidnap Nazi Scientists and yes, the Germans used Oak Bullets: 

Voices from D-Day by Jonathan Bastable. Page 274:

Areden Benthien of the US 1st division saw someone get shot with a wood bullet.

"The German unit, the 352nd Infantry I think, were carrying on anti-invasion maneuvers. We came in right among them. For the purpose of maneuvers, they were apparently issued with wooden bullets for both rifles and machine guns. The rounds did fire. One of our guys took a hit in the upper arm with one of these things. It didn't make a deep wound, didn't penetrate the flesh at all. Just exploded right there, made a sort of nasty flesh wound. They had to bandage it up. I've never seen this noted anywhere, but it is real. I've still got one of the rounds."

Project SafeHaven was designed to find the leading scientists to either convince them to go to the US or outright kidnap them.  This became Project Overcast and eventually Operation Paperclip.

Fearing that the Soviet takeover would limit U.S. ability to exploit German scientific and technical expertise, and not wanting the Soviet Union to benefit from said expertise, the United States instigated an "evacuation operation" of scientific personnel from Saxony and Thuringia, issuing orders such as:

On orders of Military Government you are to report with your family and baggage as much as you can carry tomorrow noon at 1300 hours (Friday, 22 June 1945) at the town square inBitterfeld. There is no need to bring winter clothing. Easily carried possessions, such as family documents, jewelry, and the like should be taken along. You will be transported by motor vehicle to the nearest railway station. From there you will travel on to the West. Please tell the bearer of this letter how large your family is.

By 1947 this evacuation operation had netted an estimated 1,800 technicians and scientists, along with 3,700 family

Operation Overcast

Originally Called ‘Operation Overcast’ but later renamed to the now infamous ‘Operation Paperclip’ was a Top Secret US Government project to take over one thousand six hundred German Scientists, Physicists, Mathematicians and Engineers.

After World War IIOperation Paperclip was a secret US intelligence program in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians, such as Wernher von Braun and his V-2 rocket team, were taken from Germany to the United States, for U.S. government employment, primarily between 1945 and 1959.

Wikipedia: Operation Paperclip


We wanted the V-2 Rocket from

During 1943 and early 1944, Commander Harvey Hall, Lloyd Berkner, and several other scientists in Navy service examined the chances of the Nazis' making such advances in rocketry that they could put earth satellites into orbit either for reconnaissance or for relaying what scare pieces in the press called "death rays." While the investigators foresaw well before the first V-2 struck Britain that German experts could build rockets capable of reaching targets a few hundred miles distant, study showed that the state of the art was not yet at a stage to overcome the engineering difficulties of firing a rocket to a sufficient altitude to launch a body into the ionosphere. the region between 50 and 250 miles above the earth's surface. In the process of arriving at that conclusion members of the intelligence team, like Tsiolkovskiy and Oberth before them, worked out the mathematical formulas of the velocities needed. Once technology had progressed further, these men knew, an artificial earth-circling satellite would be entirely feasible. More important, if it were equipped with a transmitter and recording devices, it would provide an invaluable means of obtaining information about outer space.4

At the end of the war, when most Americans wanted to forget about rockets and everything military, these men were eager to pursue rocket development in order to further scientific research. In 1888 Simon Newcomb, the most eminent American astronomer of his day, had declared:- "We are probably nearing the limit of all we can know about astronomy." In 1945, despite powerful new telescopes and notable advances in radio techniques, that pronouncement appeared still true unless observations made above the earth's atmosphere were to become possible. Only a mighty rocket could reach beyond the blanket of the earth's atmosphere; and in the United States only the armed services possessed the means of procuring rockets with sufficient thrust to attain the necessary altitude. At the same time a number of officers wanted to experiment with improving rockets as weapons. Each group followed a somewhat different course during the next few years, but each gave some thought to launching an "earth-circling spaceship,'' since, irrespective of ultimate purpose, the requirements for launching and flight control were similar. The character of those tentative early plans bears examination, if only because of the consequences of their rejection.

"Operation Paperclip." the first official Army project aimed at acquiring German know-how about rocketry and technology, grew out of the capture of a hundred of the notorious V-2s and out of interrogations of key scientists and engineers who had worked at the Nazi's rocket research and development base at Peenemuende. Hence the decision to bring to the United States about one hundred twenty of the German experts along with the captured missiles and spare parts. Before the arrival of the Germans, General Donald Putt of the Army Air Forces outlined to officers at Wright Field some of the Nazi schemes for putting space platforms into the ionosphere; when his listeners laughed at what appeared to be a tall tale, he assured them that these were far from silly vaporings and were likely to materialize before the end of the century. Still the haughtiness of the Germans who landed at Wright Field in the autumn of 1945 was not endearing to the Americans who had to work with them. The Navy wanted none of them, whatever their skills. During a searching interrogation before the group left Germany a former German general had remarked testily that had Hitler not been so pig-headed the Nazi team might now be giving orders to American engineers; to which the American scientist conducting the questioning growled in reply that Americans would never have permitted a Hitler to rise to power.5


A group of 104rocket scientists (many German aerospace engineers) atFort Bliss, Texas 

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, my friends.

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